Friday, July 11, 2008


Number of cigarettes brought back in to the country: 600

Amount spent on Chanel products in duty free: £35 (worship the restraint)

Number of mosquito bites: 6

New favourite pairs of shoes broken: 1 (sniff sniff, boo hoo)

Number of texts to my sister begging her to get replacement favourite pair of shoes: 3

How long it will take Sylvia's (old Granny. Bad hair) rendition of 'She bangs, she bangs' to get out of my head: centuries, possibly millennia.

Spanish learnt: Pomado - Menorcan gin and Fanta Lemon (my new favourite drink), una mas - another one. Mainly used in the following context, una mas Pomado por favor! Check this out -

Don't worry - I have totally duty free-ed that shit up.

Most listened to album: MGMT (Chars Úna)

Number of times Organ Donor listened to because it reminded me of Summercase (and the sun. And Spain) last year: 8

Number of dips in the sea: 14

Amount of seafood ingested: I'm actually shocked there is any wildlife left in the sea

Random patches of really dark brown where I burnt initially and turned the colour that Chantelle Houghton could only dream of coming out of her bottle of Fake Bake: 5

Number of freckles: Gazillions (zillions on my face)

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