Thursday, June 23, 2011

Save Japan

I know what people say. Haters gonna hate but seriously.....uniqlo celeb colab t shirts to save Japan that are all fucking hideous save for Alber Elbaz's (and rightly so)? What's the point? Uniqlo normally do great t shirts. This makes me sadface. It does not make my bank balance sadface.

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Monday, June 20, 2011

Bad Fever

Long ago, in a distant land I used to make time for myself to watch films. It was a good time. A time filled with interest and chat. I miss that time. So I am ensuring that I deliberately hark back to that time and try and re-find my love of film (and reading, but that's a whole other blog post).

My first film in to rediscovering that mythical time was Bad Fever . MarBelle kindly gave me the heads up having heard about it at SXSW (Yes. He goes there. And actually interviews people for his website. Yes. You're allowed to be jealous).

Bad Fever is directed by Dustin Guy Defa. It is the story of Eddie, a guy who lives with his mum and just wants to make friends. He wafts around town with his cassette recorder constantly mumbling in to it and comes across Irene. Irene is also alone but it appears that she chooses to be this way as opposed to Eddie who desperately wants to speak to someone other than his mother. His mother sits in a chair and reminded me of someone in an almost semi-catatonic state.

Not only does Eddie come across Irene but he also comes cross the town's comedy club. Here he witnesses something that he obviously hasn't been exposed to - acceptance, warmth and laughter. The film tracks Eddie's attempts to get the girl, perform at the comedy club and make his mum proud. All three aims fail. Spectacularly.

I remember having watched the film I tweeted wondering whether Irene was a massive bitch or a feminist genius. I came down on the side of massive bitch. Irene lives in a disused classroom and ensures Eddie's insecurities remain by humiliating him at every turn. From filming him having a bash at trying to have sex with her to dumping him for "some guy in Iowa" she ensures that the ball is always firmly in her court. In fact, her behaviour is atypical of a macho, arsehole man that is normally exhibited in the Hollywood chick flicks who is a Bad Man and turns out to regret his behaviour when he realises the girl he coulda had and shoulda had has ended up with the handsome nice guy. Just because the atypical Bad Man has been given a vagina did not endear the character to me any more.

Eddie isn't funny. He knows he isn't funny. I'm not even sure he tries to be funny. His jokes that he records are devoid of humour although he ensures they always have a punch line. His debut at the comedy club is more a showcasing of his girlfriend Irene (or so he thinks she is her girlfriend) than any comedic talent. The length of the scene whilst he dies onstage means that when he finally exits the stage the viewer is relieved that they don't have to continue to sit through the most excruciating ten minutes.

His mum witnesses said ten minutes. From near silence she blossoms in to a banshee that reminds Eddie how she isn't proud of him whatsoever. The film has gone full circle - he doesn't have the girl, he doesn't have a successful comedy stint and he doesn't have a meaningful relationship with his mum. It is the saddest thing I have watched since Julian Donkey-Boy. Whether due to budgetary reasons or a genuine love of Dogme '95 the way Bad Fever was filmed also reminded me a lot of Harmony Korine's film. I'd highly recommend it but I don't think it has any distribution in the UK yet. Sadface.

Sunday, June 05, 2011

Object of Desire

Everyone who knows me knows I like a heel. I live in them at work and generally I'm the last one standing in them at the end of the night (or being picked up off the floor in them in a drunken stupor as the case may be).

I have been coveting Charlotte Olympia fruit heels since I first spied them in a magazine. Alas, this fruity phenomena has filtered down to the high street on Zara tops and fruity jewellery all over the place but I still can't find cheap fruity shoes that are as beautiful as them.

But I did find these piano heels in my size on ebay for literally a fifth of what the going rate is for a pair of her shoes are. I'm thinking I could buy them to celebrate qualifying and then put them in a glass cabinet and adore them for the rest of my life. Or what would probably happen is I wear them to dive pubs, dance around in them, scuff them on the pavement at the end of the night on my way to the kebab shop but think, "Damn I've got some nice shoes".

Friday, June 03, 2011

Tatty Devine - I heart you

So MonsieurB has been working away for the last week and a half....which meant I had the whole of the bank holiday weekend to myself. "What shall I do?", I wondered. I came up with an array of ideas - I could sit in my pants and watch every Game of Thrones thus far (because it's actually brilliant), I could eat a tub of Ben & Jerry's out of the tub and not have to pass it backwards and forwards between me and the manfriend or I could do a Bored to Death marathon. I think you'll agree that not only was I thinking big but the world was my oyster as well.

Something I knew I would be doing though was checking out Tatty Devine's mega bank holiday sale. I went to their Brick Lane Christmas sale and basically picked up everyone's present for under £50. Happy people with lovely presents - more booze money for me. It was a win win.

But it's not Christmas so I decided it was time for me to shine. By buying myself more Tatty stuff. Because I don't have enough (I do, I really do. Even Lamptity tweeted I should exhibit more restraint). Logging on to Twitter I saw how this was going. Basically Tatty were ALL OVER social networking.

Have you ever left something behind in a shop only to regret it for ever after and whist you scour ebay like a mofo hoping it'll come up it never does. And you sigh over the one that got away? That was me with a massive zip necklace I found in the Christmas sale. It was a toss up between that and a necklace that looks like some teeth. I um-ed and ah-ed and even considered buying them both but Christmas is a season for giving and I just couldn't justify it. I plumped for the teeth (compliments constantly) but thought of the zip necklace every time I saw a zip (ie every day).

So I thought I'd hit Tatty up on Twitter and see if they still had one. Those cads weren't coming up with the goods immediately though. They had to have a look. Five mins after my request they tweeted they'd found one and it was up on the site for purchase. To say I had a mini fit is an understatement. In fact, I think you can see from the screenshot my delight at a massive piece of plastic being mine. My favourite bit though? Their reply. "Get in".

And it arrived yesterday and you can see what all the fuss was about right? Right? And like the good lady that I am it's only polite to tweet them to thank them. And what did those lovely ladies do? They followed me back on Twitter and then Follow Friday-ed me. It made my week. Because this week has been a shitty, shitty week. Nurofen Tension Headache tablets are my friend. But not this morning. Because stuff like that makes writing on the interwebs to maybe no one all worthwhile.