Monday, March 02, 2009


I'm not sure what one is....but they sure look pretty.

Am going to Brighton for my 21st this weekend. Two things are certain:

a - I will have a brilliant time
b - I won't want to come home

But I guess if I lived down there all the time the folly of fun times would overwhelm me and I'd end up poorer in mind, body, spirit and funds. But maybe a small price to pay for the hospital based anecdotes.

In other news my Dad found a sewing machine in the attic (another story for another time) this weekend. Which renders his incessant weekend hammering and throwing things down the stairs at obscene times slightly more acceptable. We'll see if it works. It's just waiting to be plugged in...but I have more important things to be doing like looking at the internets. I look back at my youthful 13 year old self who didn't pay attention in textiles as she thought that sewing was pointless in an age of Topshop and want to smack her around the head with a big roll of wundaweb and tell her that her textile ADD means that this is what I have become. Oh well. On the upside I make a fucking brilliant roast.