Friday, May 08, 2009

Le Dessin

❤ Whilst I don't really have have a problem with spending money at an unprecedented rate if I so wish (of late I have been terribly sensible. And I secretly sort of like it) I am quite fussy about what said dosh goes on. Clothes, shoes, handbags, make up - not a problem. Knock yourself out. However, I find it difficult to spend money on books and prints. For some unknown reason I see it as an indulgence too far....which is why I guess I was eternally grateful for my David LaChapelle book and my Alice print (different birthdays). I think it is probably wrapped up with the fact that both these things don't actually do anything. They just sit there. A print is looked at. A book is read. They really serve no purpose other than enjoyment which seems fairly self indulgent. Clothes, shoes, etc serve a purpose. However, this is something I am trying to wean myself off of. It began with Tara McPherson. I have very nearly bought that print I banged on about a while ago. Very close. And when I do I will be so pleased and I will think, "I bought that". 

I was surfing around and I came across the above photo available as a print for £20. I'm not sure why it appeals but I suspect it has something to do with the fact that I want another tattoo. Sleazy was not wrong when he said that I will almost certainly want another tattoo after my last ones. Bastard. I hate it when he's right. It'll have to wait though. I have found 2 Rebecca Miller prints online which I think I'll probably get uber small cos that's all I can afford. £700 for 20x24. Hmm, not today alas. 

❤ Oh and then I found this. I really like this to the point that I saw it in the Sunday Times Magazine a while a go and cut it out. Hurrah for finding a print.....for £1000. Ltd edition of 7. I'll have all 7. For my mansion. 

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