Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Bague Argent

I like this. Apparently it's 100% Silver....is this my one and only purchase that I am allowing myself for next month?

I forgot how much I love black nail polish. I have rejected it all Summer but have gone back to it in a fit of madness.

Things I have been doing of late:

❤ David Bailey Alive at Night
Having friends who used to work in PR can be useful....when it means free booze. Mainly stocked up on Grey Goose and pink grapefruit juice. May well be my drink of choice when I go to poncey bars that stock pink grapefruit juice. Ended up outside discussing the essential ingredients needed for a good high five. Apparently I am not forceful enough. Also, my crush on Stevie from Shipwrecked has died a death. He turned up. He was rude. And had really, really, really, really bad shoes. Johnny Borrell spent the night on his own and Salman Rushdie's son seems quite a nice sort of bloke. It was abundantly clear the next morning that perhaps I drank a little too much when I woke up to find that I had dropped the C bomb on Facebook not once, but twice in a status update.

❤ Liverpool
I am still recovering. I got about 3 hours sleep. What you need to know is that a man highjacked my jacket and wore it all night and then when I put it on Monday morning for work it absolutely stank of smoke and I nearly barfed. I don't think I love fags anymore. Which is sad. Cos I was Dot Cotton once upon a time. Liverpool was followed by a long, drawn out game of What Am I? on the way home. Are you smaller than a loaf of bread? Do you bring pleasure? Are you a woolly mammoth? Are you Gary?

❤ (500) Days of Summer
I liked this although the previous illustration is pretty much spot on. And I can't get You Make My Dreams out of my head.

Things I have to look forward to:
❤ Cowshed
❤ Potentially hearing about a trip down the A5

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