Thursday, May 20, 2010

Jamie Lidell

Wednesday was a big day in MissBLand. Firstly, it was my 'Friday' as I'd booked Thursday & Friday off with reckless abandon a few weeks previously and I had Jamie Lidell to look forward to as well.

Up I rocked at my appointed time outside Great Portland Street tube to find that both MissC and MissK were late. Whilst this may shock and appall some it did not do this to me. I know them. This is standard. I busied myself with doing the lottery (didn't win) and then they arrived in a blaze of glory...only to find a silly long queue outside 229. So off we went to a nearby local for a quick pint. There I found an iPod and some Sennheiser headphones attached. I handed them in like a good girl and off we went for some jazzfunkelectro goodness.

I've never been to 229 so was pleasantly surprised to find that it's preeeeeeeety fricking small. And we were right at the front, as in with no one in front of us. Brilliant. Especially for me seeing as I am teeny small. They'd also seen fit not to sell out the venue to such an extent that it was ram up - leaving room for some pretty special Red Stripe easy vibe fueled dancing from me.

As usual, it was a an amazing gig and I got some really good photos. I know the last one might look a bit gash but it's actually my favourite as I like the motion of his jacket as he swings around. Gotta love a gypsy jacket. He mixed the new album with some old favourites (as he said himself, whilst he has worked with Beck who notoriously likes to alienate his audience he didn't wanna do that.....and then launched in to Multiply). We were so sad when it finished. So sad that we didn't want the night to end so went for another drink then minced around in M&S at St Pancras. All in all, it was a fitting end to b'day celebrations for MissK.

Then, cos I'm good like that, I had the next 2 days off which were filled with nothing more than pottering around and enjoying the sunshine. Then on Saturday I had a BBQ which was more like a monumental piss up for the locals culminating in a music quiz that I took a little too seriously. Too seriously. Woops. I also smoked. Eugh. My mouth felt rank for around 2 days after. The only good thing to come out of the BBQ is this snippet of information:

If you stand still for long enough Leona Lewis will arrive and fuck you.

You can have that one for free. Take it to the bank. Put it in an ISA. Cos it's true.

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