Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Sweet Charity

Whilst I haven't set myself resolutions per se I have decided that 2011 is going to be the year that I don't get angry about things I can't change. Mainly because I can't change them so it's really a waste of energy and makes me angry. And then I'm angry about something I can't change and the whole thing is pointless. Thus far things that I have not got angry about is the man who would have been in my lap had he moved 2mm to his left on the train this evening, the sudden change of desk at work that was announced at 10:00 on the first day back to work and the fact that my new colleague's existence seems to be there solely to wind me up. No I didn't get angry about them. I had a cup of tea and felt much, much better.

Something I noticed today was charity. This morning I got a train that takes me pretty much all the way to work without having to use the tube and affords me an extra 40 minutes shut eye. Result. As I alighted at my change about station (6 minutes between arrival and connecting train) and waited with the other sardines to ascend the stairs I spied a man collecting for a charity for the blind. He was pretty old with his bag between his feet, presumably because his hands were tied up holding his collection box. As I hurried past I noticed that I wasn't the only one hurrying past. Everyone was. He was surrounded by shedloads, and I mean shedloads, of people and not one was chipping him a bit of change. And as he stood there I noticed his smile. The word which immediately sprung to mind was beatific. And it was. He was the most serene man in the station. And shamefully I walked past, not even checking for change because I didn't want to miss my train. Never mind the fact that there is another train 15 minutes after that one.

Then this evening I was walking through a different train station and there was another man collecting and he was actually blind. This time around I have 20 minutes between connecting trains and again I noticed that no one was donating. And he was just stood there, mute, with his donation box. This time I walked past thinking that I had no change (I am broke as a joke because I spend too much money on fancy pants. But on the upside my tits when I have a bra on look like I'm a bouncy 17 year old - we'll move swiftly on from when said help is removed). I got a few steps away and decided that my assumption was a cop out and that it wouldn't hurt me to have a look for some change. I was genuinely surprised to find a couple of quid languishing in the corner of my purse begging not to be spent on an M&S meal for lunch when I could have brought something from home had I not been so lazy. And so I granted my money's wish and put it in the box and walked off. I have now added, 'make lunch at home and give what I would have spent one day a week on lunch to a charity box'.

Then I came home, had a bath, read my new Elle magazine that came in today whilst drinking tea and splish splashing. And now I'm listening to French music. My favourite things to do. Because like it says in Zombieland (how embarrassing that I have only watched this in the last week) - Enjoy the little things [Kind of resolution no. 3 for 2011]

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