Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I want:

New glasses (on it - trying to decide between plastic or glass lenses. Plastic won't break when I fall over drunk but might scratch)

New tattoo (not on it - don't know where, have an idea of what)

A laundrette close by (I'm mildly obsessed at the moment, I do not know why)


I have:

A shiny new Oral B by Braun 5000A electric toothbrush. It is the shit. Half price in Boots and I was sceptical at first but my dentist told me my sonic one is the shittest one on the market and when I could afford it I should get this one. Half price was a sign. And he was right. My old one was the shittest one on the market.

Kisses (clean, shiny, minty kisses)

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