Saturday, February 09, 2013


The problem with starting a new job is that no one knows for sure how old you are so enivitably you are asked, down the pub, when everyone is lubricated enough to be brave enough to ask. 

Last week a 27 year old was moaning about being old. I pointed out that she really REALLY isn't old and need to chill out a bit. She asked me how old I was (I think she thought I was younger *AIRPUNCH YEEEESSSSSSS*) and when I told her I was 29 she nearly fell off her chair. 

Her: You really don't look 29
Me: Is that because I dress like a clown?
Her: Hmmmmmm. Do you use creams?
Me: *Long dramatic pause* Yes. Yes I do. A fucking lot of creams. 

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