Tuesday, April 01, 2008


So, I had my people talk to my boss' people and basically things totally came together for this weekend. I have legitimately managed to get Monday and Tuesday off of work and I therefore plan to spend from Friday to Tuesday in Bright Town. Subject to further negotiatons this may even be extended to a half day on Friday. This is good for many reasons a few of which are, 
  • It is Spaffy Giff's birthday and he is gonna play some tunes on the music box at his fortnightly night to mark the occasion
  • All of Team Wreckhead (a phrase I can not take any credit for) will be out on the prowl 
  • There will be some serious getting mashed off our tits on breakfast
  • The lady I count as my sister from another mother (it doesn't quite work as well in the feminine does it?) is on Easter holidays so we're gonna plan Boozy Sunday and go see Holy Fuck on Monday. 
To summarise, I'm gonna get totally fucktarded to the point of no return. I've ordered a shiny new 2 gig memory stick for my camera for the occasion. Fingers crossed it comes on time or I'll screw. My little weather widget is saying there is gonna be sun (some showers. But we'll pretend that isn't there) to the point of 16 degrees. Maxi dress weather WOOOOO.

I'm currently loving the recent crop of Talk to Frank adverts. Perhaps because back in the day when Sleazy was around we were constantly telling him to talk to Frank. A joke that never wore thin. How things change. Now he goes to bed early because he thinks he is going to have a "heart attack". I imagine it does worry my parents that I laugh at them as opposed to seriously consider what I'd say to a group of youths who offered me pills on the bus. Obviously I've considered the matter in private and I think a decent answer would be something along the lines of, "Nah. You're alright mate. I got some MDMA in the school toilets yesterday."

I am also a pub quiz champion. It's official. By half a point. Alas I won't be around next Monday to help defend the crown but that's probably for the best. Surprisingly the more alcohol I consumed the more risqué the answers I wrote. For example,

"Which country is currently having a controversial election? Not the USA"

And I wrote, 

"Zimbabwe (Rhodesia - Boo hoo ya)"

I'm guessing the humour and irony will be lost on you if you haven't seen Blood Diamond and you probably assume that I am a horrible person. And you would be correct. 

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