Sunday, April 27, 2008

J'étais niqué

Oh my God I feel like I've been kicked in the face by Hitler.  

My bedroom is also falling apart. I was unceremoniously woken this morning by not so much as a crash, more of a whimper. My wardrobe has broken. All my clothes are all over the floor. I'm fairly stroppy as it is in the morning but this was not a good start to Sunday. To add insult to injury I wandered downstairs to attempt to have some coffee and maybe have some sort of brainstorming session as to what I should do about all my clothes to find my father, glowing. Seriously, if I didn't know better you'd think he was pregnant. He also looked very pleased with himself. I'm suspicious of him when he greets me with a big smile so I got to the point, 

"What? What hilarious thing have you done?

Ahh nuttin, nuttin. But I'll tell you someting, dat Channel stuff is great stuff isn't it? Lovely.

What Channel stuff?

In da bathroom. Channel. 

You mean Chanel. It's French. And it's for my ravaged face

French? JAYSUS you came back from dare years ago. Doesn't it last?"

This conversation was clearly going nowhere quickly. I do love my Dad but sometimes I wish he wasn't quite the metrosexual. It's mainly at my expense and the most irritating thing is that he looked radiant. I was sickened. 

Having spent the whole weekend completely sleep deprived productivity hasn't been high. About 5 hours have been spent wondering whether I should buy tickets for Meltdown tomorrow. I've come down on no. But I think that might change by 10pm tonight. Sometimes I'm so fucking indecisive. I've also had to admit defeat and not dl any new Flying Lotus. The one torrent I could find only works in µtorrent. Why? Why would someone do this to me? A client that only works on windows. What is the fucking craic with that? Someone needs to be told about this. I am Flying Lotus-less until this sorted. It doesn't help that all my friends that are in to all this internet malarkey all have macs too so I shall remain music-less. And no, I am not going to install boot camp. On the upside I found a Modeselektor mix on my travels so that's quite nice. And I got the new Jamie Lidell a few weeks ago so I've been pretty smug. I wonder who the support'll be on Tuesday. That's quite exciting. 

The other piece of exciting news is that I start my new job tomorrow. Hopefully I won't hate it but it is becoming abundantly clear that I'd probably be more suited to some sort of part time job which involves being great. Oh well. At least there's the bank holiday coming up - something that occurred to me yesterday which means I've not got anything planned. No matter. The last May bank holiday will be spent in Brighton one night of which will be passed at my very first hen party. Luckily the girl in question isn't a total idiot so there won't be any L plates or other nastiness. I was the one that introduced her to her soon to be husband as well. I assumed it'd be a one night thing. My God I'm romantic sometimes. 

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