Monday, June 29, 2009

Miss Bladder in "Put Some Clothes On" Shocker

It is being wildly reported that MissB, exponent of the wear as little clothes as possible movement, has advised Lily Allen to "put on a top underneath that jumpsuit". Whilst MissB wasn't at Glastonbury muttering something like, "How come all the fucking teepees sold out so quickly?", it seems word travels fast on the jump/playsuit grapevine.

Upon seeing Lily a source close to MissB said, "She emailed me and said she liked the wig but she really does need to put on a top underneath that playsuit. Needless to say I was so shocked I actually almost choked. Then I read the next line - how do I go about getting a third nipple? Then I actually did choke"

The close friend of MissB says that they fear she is suffering from Manchesteritus. A known condition whereby you are mean and judgmental about the clothing of others. MissB was spotted falling out of a bar in the Northern quarter slurring, "Christ the booze is cheap up here. But that fucking DJ is younger than my last period". Apparently neither was a lie.

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