Monday, June 22, 2009


❤ Hello new photos from Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland. I am such a Wonderland slut. I like the original drawings by John Tenniel and the Disney version because they are all trippy colourful. And now look at this. Tell me. What's NOT to love about the Mad Hatter, the White Queen (mmm, yes, please see 'Through the Looking Glass' Chapter One, Looking-Glass House) and the Queen of Hearts? Fuck. It had better be good. 

❤ Hello High 5-ing my mum in the supermarket because I had spent ten long minutes lamenting how Nice biscuits don't seem to come on their own and then wandering down the biscuit aisle to find them for the princely sum of 46p. "High 5 Mum"    "What? Oh, High 5"   with a big smack. Has the biscuit aisle ever seen such joy?

❤ Hello having to hug people who are leaving work for 3 months because they come over and say, "You're not escaping a hug. Everyone else has had one". Eugh, shudder, ick. I love the hugs. I clamber all over Monsieur B. I hug the hell out of CowTack. I don't love the hugs with people who don't know well enough to tell me every tattoo and piercing I have. 

❤ Hello working from home a lot at the moment because work is manic and there aren't just enough hours in the day. Hello late nights and big cups of tea. Hello to mad work props yo. 

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