Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Beaucoup choses

Okay, okay so a few things have been happening in bladderland of late so it's only fair I give you an update.

This weekend I mostly watched Twilight. For the first time. And then I watched it again. On the same day. But sped through the bits where Robert Pattinson isn't being all brooding and shit. The upshot of this? Robert Pattinson would get it so hard he wouldn't be able to work for a week. And sometimes whilst I was watching it I thought, "Is this really Cedric Diggory?" FYI My favourite part is where they go and play baseball.

I have also gone a bit crazy on a spending spree. I now own this

I mean it hasn't arrived yet but it's a done deal. And weirdly also makes me want to get another tattoo even more. It's also with a heavy heart that I have been buying the shit out of Borders on my lunch hour.

I also saw the Yeah Yeah Yeahs on Monday. Karen O pisses all over Florence from a great height which is a bit sadface but also makes me realise that however pure someone's voice is if they haven't got the spark live it's just not the same. Alas the support left much to be desired. Someone asked me what they were like. It is not a lie when I say that I paused for a second and after considering the best response all I could come up with was, "They sounded like a donkey on crack being cooked in the same saucepan as a lobster."

And I have discovered the joy of cheap business cards which you can write whatever you want on one side and then your details along with a picture on the other. I have been playing with the site for the last hour writing things such as

oh my god i feel like i have been kicked in the face by hitler

and other such ridiculousness on them along with this web address. I'm inclined to order them for the craic. Who wouldn't want a link to this site along with the most stupid quote ever? I know. I can't think of anyone either.

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