Monday, April 12, 2010


From time to time I become listless and disinterested in my surroundings to the point that I just don't speak. I stop talking because I wonder what I could add to whatever is going on around me. There is no reason for such listlessness and it is indiscriminate in when it strikes but today is a case in point:

I have opened my mouth today on the following occasions;

1. To answer the telephone to clients (which I kinda have to do);
2. To accept cups of tea from colleagues (standard); and
3. To agree with my friend at lunch that her boyfriend is a total shit (he really is).

So other than 30 mins of conversation I have been silent because I just couldn't be arsed to make small talk.

I dealt with this earlier in the year by coming up with the phrase, positivity breeds positiveness, which isn't even English. This was accompanied with, well it could be worse - I could not have a face. This stemmed from the lady I the US who had her face ripped off by a chimp and then unveiled the salvaged mess on Oprah. It would not be unfair to say I spent a good 2 weeks showing people the photo off the Internet on social occsions piously reminding them that no matter how bad it gets at least they have their face. I even did this to new acquaintences at gigs. I won't lie. It did please me to see their horrified faces.

But now months have passed and I forget the poor lady's face. Until today.

Walking through the station I came across a man with such bad burns on his face that he had a plastic medical mask covering his face with a tube coming out of it allowing him to breathe. My can't be arsed to talk attitude suddenly seemed trivial and childish. So I'm not taller or a baller. Nor do I have a girl who looks good to call or rabbit in a hat but at least I have my face.

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