Monday, June 14, 2010


Today I have been mostly surfing the internet looking for objects to put in my non-existent house, finding them mainly in the USA, having a heart attack when I work out how much it'll cost to ship them to the UK then scouring Google to try and find them in the UK to no avail.

So I moved on to Ebay and found this. A looker right? 1920s dressing table. Obviously I'd put it in my non-existent living room and it'd be my iMac table. Then I'd have my MacBook Air (that I don't yet own) to surf at my leisure around the house. Ah daydreams you make the day pass by in a quick and depressing manner.

I blame cowtack and her massive house that she has purchased down in Brighton that she has no choice but to do up as it's kind of a DIY/decorating disaster. The idea of pouring money in to a house on boring things like double glazing makes me feel a bit sick (and decking. Who knew decking was so expensive?!) but it's also kind of exhilarating having a massive blank canvas that you can go batshit crazy on. MonsieurB has already been drafted in to provide decoration for the bedroom. I just do a half arsed job of taking off wallpaper before sitting down and having a well deserved, lovely cup of tea.

In other news I'm red. Not crazy red but definitely red. I'm playing the long game until I qualify and then as soon as I have a permanent job - kapow I will be mentally ginger and immediately start behaving like Lindsay Lohan and Molly Ringwald all at the same time. (In fact I have just googled Molly Ringwald and my hair is not unlike this. But ultimately I would like to look like this thank you please God).

I have also had a headache for FIVE DAYS FIVE FIVE FIVE FIVE FIVE. It briefly abated when I was so drunk at the weekend that I didn't realise that I even had a head but it has returned with a vengeance. This makes me sad.

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