Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Another not proper update *yawn*

A non stop social life coupled with intense cover of the busiest lady in the world at work means you get the edited highlights:

  • I would very much like another tattoo. I'm thinking frilly knickers but I worry I may end up looking like a quirky clipart catalogue;
  • Once again, I am lamenting my choice of career and wishing I did something more creative. This will pass. Because it has to. Or I will cry/go mental;
  • I nearly applied for the paid Elle internship starting in Spring. Hoom. I did not;
  • The weekend of the 19th March will be filled with nothingness. I know this because every weekend up til then is full. The thought of this fills me with equal parts pleasure and dread;
  • I need to go to bed so I continue on with my 07:50 starts sat at my desk which is a 2 hour commute away. And yes. I'm leaving at 17:00 and if anyone questions me I look at them and say, "I was here at ten to eight. You hadn't left your house at that time". And that is actually true; and
  • On a lighter note my Candybird print arrives tomorrow. I may send Ma out to Habitat to pick me up a beautiful frame. I can not wait to unwrap it and look at it. I have coveted it for around 12 months now. Beautiful pictures on my walls make me happy. Very happy.

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