Sunday, June 05, 2011

Object of Desire

Everyone who knows me knows I like a heel. I live in them at work and generally I'm the last one standing in them at the end of the night (or being picked up off the floor in them in a drunken stupor as the case may be).

I have been coveting Charlotte Olympia fruit heels since I first spied them in a magazine. Alas, this fruity phenomena has filtered down to the high street on Zara tops and fruity jewellery all over the place but I still can't find cheap fruity shoes that are as beautiful as them.

But I did find these piano heels in my size on ebay for literally a fifth of what the going rate is for a pair of her shoes are. I'm thinking I could buy them to celebrate qualifying and then put them in a glass cabinet and adore them for the rest of my life. Or what would probably happen is I wear them to dive pubs, dance around in them, scuff them on the pavement at the end of the night on my way to the kebab shop but think, "Damn I've got some nice shoes".

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