Friday, July 15, 2011


So the title *and* the picture may suggest to Inspector Morses amongst you that I have a new iMac. Basically what happened was this:

My old iMac was a thing of wonder and beauty. A design classic. No doubt about it. iMac Anglepoise G4. You gotta love it. But then it went a bit sadface and was too old to upgrade to shiny new iTunes. So I got on with an old OS on my iPhone and trundled along with my iPod 80gig classic and when work gave me an iPad I just synced it on my Dad's Vaio and it was a bit of a pain in the arse but it could be worse.

Then a terrible thing happened. A thing so terrible that I have just got over it. My iPod dropped out of my pocket on a train (all my fault. Kind of. Sort of work's fault but let's not apportion blame. But it definitely was work's fault. They rushed me. Those rushers. Not in a rushing on pills way. Just rushing me).

So a 4 hour commute with no music is no fun. I looked at the 'new' classics on the apple site and sure enough they needed shiny new iTunes to do anything. Despite several calls to all manner of train operators and stations my beautiful iPod was lost. Gone forever to some fucking bastard who will never appreciate the immaculate taste in music and who SURELY won't appreciate the vintage Woman's Hour podcasts. Inconsiderate bastard.

So how do I remedy this? I do the logical thing and buy a brand new iMac and a new iPod classic. And it's all shiny and new. But I have Catholic guilt about the fact my iMac works still it's just a bit old. And to add insult to injury I threw away my TV/VCR combi this week as well. It's not got signal since they turned off the analogue in March. I'm blatantly not getting cable. What am I? Made of money?

I am currently in the process of transferring about 250 gig worth of music to iTunes. Then the sync of the i's. And the sad thing is I'm most excited about my iPad calendar and my iPhone calendar syncing with my iMac calendar. I take the piss out of a friend who swears by a filofax but I am no better. I'm just battery operated. Sadface.

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