Friday, January 13, 2012

Can I be as fit as....

Emma Stone please? How much do I love jewel colours - in particular emerald green? A. Lot. How much do I love this Jason Wu dress? A. Lot. Lot.

Or Elizabeth Olsen (I have also always loved her older, twin sisters. Even when Mary Kate was poorly)? I heart this Miu Miu lightning bolt dress. So much. Luckily I have a lightning bolt dress that MonsieurB purchased for my birthday. So I really don't need it. Which is good. Because I have circa £1k to drop on an extremely beautiful dress.

My obsession with EO has spiked dramatically since watching Martha Macey May Marlene. It's an excellent film which tells the story of a girl who runs away from a cult and finds her sister. Problem is, the cult has completely fucked her up. Her spiralling paranoia makes you question whether her fear is justified or if she's just a head case. I implore you to watch it. You won't be sorry (and if she is sl for best actress at the Oscars I am putting a punt on it. For sure). 

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