Wednesday, January 04, 2012


I saw these a while ago on Ever since, I have been scouring the internet looking for them in what I feared to be a fruitless mission. And then serendipity plays her hand and whilst I'm browsing a blog they appear in the side bar telling me I should buy them. It's like it knew. 

Of course, I didn't buy them. They're going on The List of things for my birthday that will eventually be used in the imaginary house. Hopefully the imaginary house will become a reality this year. Well. It will do so. Because if it doesn't I'll go even more insane than I currently am. I wouldn't even mind having a wreck of an imaginary house and it taking a year to do up. Because then at least there'd be light at the end of the wrecked tunnel. But I digress. 

Christmas, new year, blah blah. It was textbook and nice to not have to get out of bed at 05:50 five mornings a week. But now I am getting out of bed at 05:50 every morning. So what do you do on your first day back to work from Christmas holiday? Spend around 2 hours looking at holidays and emailing people with the exact words:

Where is hot, good and cheap in Feb/March?

(As a total aside, I have been unbelievably irked by people wishing me a happy new year at work and clients doing the same. It's an empty pleasantry and really, is it a happy new year? As far as I can make out this is the year Cameron is going to squeeze families [as heard on the radio from his new year speech - I imagine a researcher's head will roll for that] and we're all basically going to die. So no, it's not a happy new year. Hand over your left over Quality Street and keep moving please fellow work colleague)


miss d said...

i've been eyeing these up for months too but they'd sold out on dutch by design. they have them in the pavilion shop with 25% off and i have touched them. when i have bought all the baby stuff and am on leave i'm going to get them if they're still there

Miss Bladder said...

ARGH - They're back on Dutch by Design! I blame you for all of this. All. I saw them on the side bar on Domestic Sluttery. Which I only started reading when you sent me dress suggestions from there If you weren't so damn pretty I'd be cross with you. Great blog today X