Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Ranty Email Alert

As you're all probably aware I have a bit of an obsession with Tatty Devine [please see previous posts outlining said obsession throughout the time of this blog]. The above photo is taken from their blog. Yes. That's right. It's their dinosaur necklace beside a Claire's rip off. It's pretty blatant (and there are a plethora which can be found on the Tatty blog). 

As much as I can I try to support independent shops/cafés/designers. Mainly because if we don't support them then they go out of business and then when we bemoan the lack of new and exciting ideas ro nice places to hang out and so on and so forth. It's a vicious cycle. And I know that really there are no new ideas, just recycling of old ones. And that people will always draw inspiration from others and interpret it in different ways (Picasso to Matisse and Bacon) but this isn't inspiration. Nor is it reinterpretation. It's just a blatant rip off. 

So I wrote the below email. 

Subject: I'm not angry, just disappointed. Very disappointed. 

Oh Claires. Once upon a time my best friend worked in your Brighton store. We'd go on a Saturday and visit her perusing your wares that were generally earrings made of feathers and pirate themed wrist bands. She had to pierce ears whilst she worked there. The first pair she pierced were mine as she was too scared for a random stranger to be her first pair of pierced ears. It was a beautiful moment for all concerned. Except her manager. She was afraid I'd end up lopsided. 

And then she left. And we grew up, no longer to cross the threshold of your shop of neon nightmares and glitter explosion make up for pre teens. 

And that is pretty much the way it has stayed. Unless I'm going to the roller disco in Vauxhall and need an 80s look quickly and cheaply whilst being acutely aware that if I come too close to a naked flame I'm likely to go up in a blaze of glory. 

I'd like to say my taste could now be described as 'refined quirk'. Yes. I expect you know where this is going. Social media has had a little melt down this evening with your 'homage' to Tatty Devine. I say homage. I think you're aware it's blatant plagiarism and you've done it before. In fact, it's copyright infringement. I would advise all the designers (and there are many as I understand it) you rip off to club together and obtain a group litigation order against you for such infringement. 

It's pretty distasteful. In fact, it's outright wrong. I'm not going to get in to how they're cheap imitations and that's exactly what they look like. You know that as well as I do. 

All I'll say is that it is morally corrupt and I very much doubt anyone in your head office or stores wears this tat. Which is the polar opposite of Tatty Devine. All of their staff wear their jewellery in all their stores with pride. And the staff at Tate Modern wear their limited edition pieces for them. But I guess you've never heard of Tate Modern owing to the fact that you're an idea and culture vacuum. 

Please withdraw them. You look quite the dickheads.

(And when my subject says I'm not angry, I'm lying. I am quite angry. And disappointed)



I'm sure it won't make an iota of difference. But it made me feel better. And at least I can say I tried, instead of moaning about what arseholes they are but doing nothing about it. 

Now excuse me. I'm off to dig out as much Tatty as I can put on in one go to wear to work tomorrow. 

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alice said...

Nicely said :) Good on you.