Saturday, February 04, 2012


The top picture is what Spring is meant to look like. The bottom picture is the current reality. 

But I've still spent the last 3ish weeks Spring cleaning my room. This has taken the form of ruthlessly throwing things away that I don't need or can't ebay. This includes stacks of Elle and Vogues dating from circa 2006. No. I know. I can't believe I'd hoard that much either. But I have. Before I chucked them though I went through them ripping out all the pages I thought were pretty and putting them in a folder. I now have a lever arch file of crap. But lovely crap. 

I have yet to bring myself to chuck the i-Ds. Lula is not going. Neither is Love. Lula will never go. Love might. 

I am also putting up on ebay anything vaguely sellable. If it doesn't go then I'm donating it to charity. 

And with the advent of Spring BabyBelle makes an appearance. But he's no longer BabyBelle. He has a name. It is Emin Belle. I am so excited to meet him. 

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