Wednesday, July 18, 2012


I absolutely do not need any more bras. Well, I sort of do as the girls have shrunk. But it's not dire straits. And really most women wear the wrong bra size where as what bras I *do* have that fit are really, really good (To the point where MonsieurB once commented, "Your tits are not that big. Those fucking bras are contravening the Misrepresentation Act").

And yet when the 'Final Reductions' email comes through I hurried to buy another bra as it was only £30. THIRTY QUID. And then wrote myself a note that can be put in with your delivery (I assume from a star crossed lover). It said, "You deserve this support". Then I cackled at my brilliantness. Then I hit x and closed the window and said goodbye to my support. Saving is hard sometimes. 

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