Tuesday, July 31, 2012

So we went to Tanks at the Tate on Sunday. Even though MonsieurB has the internal compass of a polar bear gone wrong in his mind tank and ending up in Mexico we some how ended up in the right place (through the front door - what a surprise - NOT through a secret trap door in the pavement which was how it was initially sold). 

Whilst I'm happy I went I have to admit I found them cold and a bit oppressive and was on the verge of freaking out in Lis Rhodes' room. Although once I had found my bearings (it's really, really dark in there) I quite enjoyed it. As the photograph will attest to. I'm the massive one without the umbrella.

Then we went in to a room where interpretive dancers were rehearsing. And it was all going quite well. Until I looked at one of the dancers and he looked EXACTLY like Senor Chang from Community. Imagine Senor Chang in tracksuit bottoms and a do-rag dancing interpretively to classical music and I DEFY you not to fall about laughing. And snort in an uncouth manner. Which is what I did for 30 seconds until I had to leave because it was all too much.

Don't say I'm not cultured. 

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