Monday, November 12, 2012

Crap In My Handbag

Generally my handbag is pretty full of masses of crap. To try and combat this I bought a smaller handbag...which means I make the receipts even smaller.

This exercise started off as me trying to get rid of stuff out of it to make it lighter. It ultimately became an exercise of rejoicing in having nice stuff but not paying full price for any of it.

From top left, clockwise

iPad 2 - This was free. It may also have to be returned to its sort of rightful owner at some point in the future. I use it so much I will almost certainly replace it. I have a subscription to the Guardian, Observer and The Times on there as well as some random Nylon magazines which are SO much cheaper to buy on Newsstand. I also have the Kindle and iBooks app on there which means I get to read a lot more than I used to.

Smythson Mara iPad Cover - This was £100.00 on eBay (purchased from Pearl Lowe, no less). It was £325.00 new. It was listed as hardly used. Pearl lied. She knocked an extra twenty quid off of it when it arrived (and I complained as Lammers told me I should. She is wise).

Paris Time Out Guide - For my trip for my 30th bankrolled by MonsieurB. Merci, merci, petit pois. 

Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb - Duty free. I only buy perfume duty free. Which is how I managed to somehow pick up Tom Ford for £70.00 as opposed to £100.00 last month. I like to smell nice. 

Cork - Celebratory 'I got a new job' cork. It is total shit to anyone else apart from me. Which means I will keep it forever until someone (probably Carrington) unwittingly throws it out because they don't understand the sentimental value. 

Various make up - purchased duty free or with vouchers/advantage points from purchasing boring things like Dove roll on and that. 

Sunglasses - I paid full price for them. It is the best £250.00 I've ever dropped. No one wants crepey eyes by the time they're  35.

Mulberry - £200.00 from Bicester as opposed to £1100.00. You can't cuss a leather, British made bag for about the same as a Topshop Premium priced leather bag. Plus you get a warranty. For a bag!

Paris House Purse - Coveted this for years. Literally. Got it for £20.00 as opposed to £95.00. It has an illustration of an anatomically correct heart on it. For this reason, I love it. So much I bought two for when it inevitably dies. 

Lucy in Disguise Key Ring - Massive key ring that was reduced to a fiver when they moved from Covent Garden to Soho. I love their branding. 

American Apparel Nail Polish - Free via an email promotion. I am such a bad gf I sent MonsieurB to get them from Carnaby and Oxford Street. I intended to get one from Kings X. Instead, I went out after work and got disgustingly drunk. 

Whistles Leather Make Up Bag - If I told you how I got this I'd have to kill you (or tell you in real life). 

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