Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Things that make me sad:
People pronouncing St Pancras St Pancreas. You don't arrive and find a body part that doctors still aren't quite sure what it does but what they do know is that if you cut most of it away it regenerates and for a pretty pointless body part if it gets cancer you are royally fucked in the arse.

Things that make me happy:
Arriving in to work and everyone going bananas cos there's a card that has come special delivery and it's nearly your birthday. So you open it in front of everyone to see who could possibly have sent a card to my work reallyfuckingearly and it turns out to be vouchers from a client cos you settled their case the day before \smug/

Was taking the piss out of my Mum earlier with my Dad. I'll be honest, we could go on for decades. She's a one woman show and she doesn't even know it. She called my Dad at that exact moment so my Dad answered his phone in his textbook manner - looking at the screen, hitting pick up, saying hello, then bringing it up to his mouth as he says hello, it sounds like a backwards echo - and this is what I heard



Litres. I'm putting tea towels in them. (Can I point out that I do not remember tea towels in our house. We got a dishwasher when I was teeny tiny and she went on strike til it arrived. Meaning we ate off of paper plates for 6 weeks. And I wish I was lying)

Height and depth.

Soft or hard?

So a fiver each? Jaysus. Gwan. Bye.

She still hasn't arrived home so FUCK knows what they were talking about. And I really don't think asking my Dad will shed any further light on the situation.

Watched 'Rachel Getting Married' this weekend. I enjoyed it but that is probably because I am a girl and I really enjoy a fuck up story. 'Girl, Interrupted' was not my favourite film when I was an angst teen for no reason you know. Along with 'The Bell Jar' as my book. Ann Hathaway probably deserves something for it because she succesfully manages to pull off odious little shit with a slight sense of pity very well. I imagine this is the point that BunnyBoy would say that he'll give her something. Hoho etc.

Speaking of whom - Emailed me this which he found on Twitter via Mar. Exciting

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