Monday, April 20, 2009

J'ai jamais pensé que je dirais...

In a way I'm quite happy that my Dad still believes in magic because when the day comes that I have spawned and they're old enough to look at Pere Bladder and say, "Grandad Matt. Do you believe in magic?", he can look them straight in the eye and say very truthfully, "Why yes I do. Have you not heard about the cleaning fairies who live in the front garden by the tree that I'm slowly trying to kill near the mushrooms that grow around the roots which I am using as evidence that the thing is like, proper dead. There are a few tribes and there is sometimes civil war but on the whole, they are happy fairies. The dishwasher fairies love their job although they prefer loading the dishwasher to unloading it. They whispered that to me in a dream when I was asleep once. The hoover fairies are a noisy crowd. Always making noise. Like a very small hovercraft. But the clothes fairies are the best. They enjoy nothing more than sorting the whites from the towels and making sure that there are no stray red socks in with the whites which would make us all sad."

This pleases me. No. Really. It does. 

Back, back, back in the day we'd cruise around in the Petemobile (Old Rusty RIP) listening to Westwood because there is nothing funnier than a middle aged man trying to be down with the kids and making a living out of chatting shit. And now those times can be relived via the internet. If I was on Twitter I'd probably only follow him. I like the fact that there are some real live pimps in here (as opposed to real dead ones) who he can trust not to fuck up his car in here. Wherever here is.  

And yes - it's true. The Yeah Yeah Yeahs have probably equalled if not eclipsed Maps. I'm still trying to decide if it's my favourite or not. It's a tough call between that and this

Have you heard the new Yeah Yeah Yeahs by the way? I'm off to dl the Noisettes to see what the fuss is about. Have you heard the new Yeah Yeah Yeahs?

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