Sunday, October 25, 2009

Je suis allée a Old Street et j'ai acheté

On Sunday I went out and purchased the above...

Or there's your close up :-p

Mammy C even got what Maddison and I thought was a quite, quite dead watch to work. Turns out it's a winder. It must be her thrifty Irish ways.

I have also had a hair cut. Having had a trim for the last year I asked for 1.5 inches off and said the words, "edgy" and "choppy", in the same sentence. Perhaps "Scarlett Johansson" was in there too. With "Lily Allen" thrown in for good measure. The result is growing on me. I think perhaps I have over-reacted a little but there is definitely a LOT less hair today than I had yesterday. However, at work it is a resounding success. Apparently you can see my face now which seems to be a good thing. I think perhaps some purchasing of wax is in order to keep the layers apart. Oh and backcoming to ras.

Have also caught up with the Culture Show (heart you). Only downsides being:

a - The BBC saw fit to let Toby Young have his own little segment
b - Said segment entailed him and Cosmo Landesman (hate you) in the same room at the same time on their own rendering the whole experience even more infuriating than when I read the film review section of the Sunday Times Culture magazine.

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