Monday, October 05, 2009

Une Semaine

❤ Florence and the Machine
So it was with much luck that I trundled out of Westfield unscathed. Know this however - Topshop in there is sick. Possibly better than Oxford Street as it's not so overwhelming that you have to be totally mentally prepared to even walk in the door. Once I'd escaped the clutches of all that Communists probably despise (if ever there was a place crying out for an anti-capitalism bombing it's there) I went to the Empire for lush Florence-ness. There is no doubt that the girl can sing. And I am as in love with her as ever, that is for sure. However, there was a strange disconnect with the audience. No one was going bananas (apart from 2 gay guys who were dancing like extras out of a Eurotrash Human Traffic - I wanted to marry one), there was no one dripping with sweat, people weren't fearing for their safety because of spectators elbowing their way to the front in order to be squashed right against the railings and all in all it was a rather odd affair. I only really went bonkers during the encore which saddened me. Oh well. Guess I'll have to go and see her again.

Although she does make me rather impulsive. I bought a t shirt, cut it up and added a cape. It is my best invention so far. I also dyed my hair red. It didn't go brilliantly. More a red root/black rest of hair scenario. Whilst the dye was on my head I also has the words, "What the fuck have I done?", repeating constantly in my head. In hindsight perhaps next time I'll let the hairdresser strip my hair out first.

❤ Point Break
All you need to know is the following:
Prince Charles Cinema - Balans - Red Wine - We'll get him when he comes back in....He's not coming back - Standing Ovations - Shoutalong Quotes - DON'T YOU KNOW? I AM AN F. B. I. AGENT

❤ Curried friends
Neale forgot to book a table so we didn't end up eating til half ten. Coupled with £7 bottles of wine in the Wetherspoons it meant that we ended up eating 7 things for £7 (starter, poppadom, naan, chutney, curry, rice and I forget what the 7th thing was cos I thought I was gonna puke) and being the quintessential British late night lager lout in a curry house. And it was a whole lot of fun. The only thing that made me a bit sad face is we had just set foot in L-Town and my friend got stick for her clothes - skinny jeans, top and a scarf. It merely serves to remind me why the I stay away from the town centre. It depresses me beyond belief that a friend who comes to see me is abused before she even has a drink inside her and I am not even shocked because I am generally on the receiving end.

❤ Back Up
I have free-ed up shed loads of space on my Mac by putting about 100g worth of stuff (maybe more) on to an external HD. It also meant I cleansed my iTunes which was quite a cathartic experience. And a little bit geeky.

❤ Pigeon
Pigeons keep flying in to our windows thinking they are clouds (we think. We're not pigeons. Who knows what goes on inside the head of a pigeon. Not watch out for the window evidently) at such speed that they kill themselves and end up on our front lawn. I think this is hilarious. My sister thinks this is hilarious. I imagine Dad thinks it's hilarious although he is on clean up duty so maybe not so much. Mum does not see the funny side. No matter how many times I repeat it and laugh and ring relatives and tell them and we all laugh together.

❤ Exciting
Somewhere in the cosmos exists a large drawing of me on brown paper that has grand plans made for it. EEEXXXCCCCIIITTTTTIIIIINNNNNGGGGGG

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