Tuesday, October 13, 2009


At the moment I am very much enjoying stuff. Stuff I like of late:

The above photo
I would very much like her hair. Taken from Tim Burton's latest shoot. Alas, I am yet to find it in the shops. Sadface.

❤ simplycryptic.blogspot.com
He finds good photos. Some are little on the grotesque side mind.

❤ Pillowcases
I could buy these....but I reckon if I set my mind to it - and with a lot of patience - I reckon I could make some too. Perhaps that will be my xmas gifts to everyone. Hand embroidered pillowcases. Then they really will think I've totally lost the plot...

❤ Wedding Dresses
Or more specifically, browsing the internet looking at them for someone who is not really my friend and who will never know I have even browsed. It's quite fun though. Things I have learned: You can get beautiful dresses made for you in China for next to nothing. Mangey old dresses are described as vintage and the price doubled, even if it is an 80s disaster. They can be so expensive that they would equal the current deficit of Zimbabwe.

❤ Blogs/Blogging/Generally
So I can't really work out this follow malarkey on blogger (But I can outfox the IT dept and install the requisite program that "couldn't be installed" on Macs/iPhones for work. Outfox is obviously a very loose term. I think I can safely say that my boss is the winner on that one). I tend to just favourite the blogs I like - an ever increasing list of whimsy. It also means that for the people that were clever and used Tumblr from the off it doesn't clash with my Blogger. I mean I think it won't clash. I am unable to say for sure as I don't understand it at the outset. To get to the point (eventually, eventually) I follow a lovely lady who seems to be East London based. She has a plethora of photos of herself on her blog and whilst wandering around Somerset House the other weekend I thought I spotted her. I didn't say hello because I don't know her - I followed link after link and finally arrived at her blog. Later in the week she blogged and confirmed my suspicions. I left her a message saying I saw her but I don't know her and I had spotted (NOT stalked) her. Apparently I had made her day. That was nice. It's rare that I ever make anyone's day I think.

The newest blog I have found is a girl in NZ. She is so much fun that I think perhaps fun people is just a NZ thing. What's not to love about a 50s housewife party?

❤ The Citizens Band
Looks like lots of fun.

❤ Teapots
This is nothing new. I love teapots. However, on my journey home the Lite had a box on one of the pages recommending teapots. One of them was polka dots (lovely) and could be personalised (even more lovely. Imagine a teapot just for you with a message like, "You drink too much tea", or something). Price: £50 + £1 for each letter of your message. I looked at me tootsies and thought about how that is over half what I paid to have a tea pot on me permanently. Of late, I have turned over a new leaf. I am no longer the spender I was. So with the power of the internets I found a teapot which is even more exciting. Luckily for all my friends I am quite aware of my artistic restrictions and will not be throwing this in with the pillowcases for xmas. But still. If you were that way inclined and you had just moved house wouldn't it be fun to have a housewarming/crockery painting party? Obviously the painting would have to be done in the day, before the hardcore drugs, alcohol and bitches turned up.

❤ Monster Munch Packets
Old monster munch are back. And to celebrate they're giving away t shirts with the collection of monster munch packets. Fortunately I do not have a monster munch addiction that must be curbed (just pretty underwear, phizzy pig tails and teapots) but Monsieur B takes one for the team and eats them at quite an alarming rate. I know he gets no joy from it. He sits there, eating them, looking me in the eye, unblinkingly, saying (spraying monster munch obviously) "This brings me no joy Mademoiselle B. You've pushed me to this". And I nod happily thinking about how when the pristine old school monster munch t shirt comes through the door I'm going to hack it to bits with some scissors safe in the knowledge that if it all goes wrong I'll just buy another 12 pack and make him chow his way through those too.

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