Saturday, January 02, 2010


Which was the best month for you? Either August or September. I can't decide.

Which month(s) was the worst? Probably January, just because it was January. Eugh.

What person had the most impact on your life this year? Probably me ma because she talks a lot of sense.

What was the best concert that you attended? Yeah Yeah Yeahs

What was your biggest challenge of 2009? Staying on the smoking wagon.

Your biggest regret? I’m not sure if I have any.

What moments stand out to you the most? Getting tattooed just after my birthday - Receiving the most thoughtful gift I have ever received and there being no occasion for gift giving - Driving down a path at Butlins - Cowshed - Standing on the balcony of the Tate Modern on a cold February day

What band did you listen to the most? Florence and the Machine - Bon Iver - The xx (late contenders) - Yeah Yeah Yeahs

On a scale of 1-10, 2009 was: 7.5

Did you:

Meet anyone special? All my friends are pretty special (looking)

Get close to someone you didn’t expect to? I don't think so

Have a boyfriend or girlfriend? Yup

Experience the death of a loved one? No

Get in a fight? Nope.

Lose a friend? No.

Get drunk? Obviously

Regret doing something? Yes

Go to a concert? Yes

Learn something new? Yes

Get arrested? Nope.

Break up with someone? No.

Get a tattoo? Yes. Two in fact. And now I have an insatiable desire to have another. Slippery slopes.

Go to a party? Yes.

What did you do on New Year’s Eve: I took advantage of a free bar til 12, jagerbombs for 50p, had a lot of fun incorporating "singing" ice ice baby and staying out til silly am.

What is your New Year’s resolution? I have a few. And I will explode if I reveal any of them. So I won't.

Did you keep your resolution from last year? I don’t think I made one. If I did it was to continue to try not to smoke.

Do you think things will be different in 2010? I really hope so.

What do you want most out of 2010? If I told you I'd have to kill you.

Do you think 2010 will be better than 2009? I do.

Anything you are particularly looking forward to? Afternoon tea.

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