Friday, February 19, 2010

Bonsoir. Ca va? Oui, ca va bien merci. Et la crise? Ah la crise, je le souviens bien, c'est fini merci. Bon choix mademoiselle.

It would not be unfair to say that I have not picked up a book in about six months. Podcasts, the Guardian on my iPhone and those crappy free papers you pick up on your travels have been far more enticing (much to my shame). However, last week I had the overwhelming urge to buy a book. Having wandered around Waterstones (RIP Borders) for the whole of my lunch hour and no nearer to a purchase I was about to leave dejected. When I remembered a book I wanted to read.

"Slumdog Millionaire", I shouted at my companion.

"It's actually called Q&A but I can't remember the author".

So off we went to the help desk. With its fuck long queue. But I am a clever lady and I whipped out my iPhone like clever ladies do and googled the shit out of that thing. And off I went with my purchase.

And I devoured that book. I remember when Colin Murray was filling in for Simon Mayo on 5 Live and him and Kermode were discussing Slumdog Squarepants. Colin Murray said, "I hated the film. It ripped the heart right out of the book". Whilst I wouldn't say I hate the film I can agree with the ripping the heart out bit. The book is completely different. Fact. And 100 times better. Fact. As opposed to being disgusted at the poverty and the chawls you are disgusted at the humanity (or lack thereof) of others.

And then I started reading my Kermode book. And I'm pretty much a third of the way through. In two days. It is hilarious and chock full of film references. Mmm. Must be making up for lost time...

I have also managed to procure She & Him tickets for Koko. This pleases me for the following reasons:

❤ I heart the work of She & Him
❤ I heart Zooey Deschanel
❤ Owing to the fact that they are US based and are often on long hiatuses because of aforementioned Zooey Deschanel's film schedule we're talking snowball/Hell chances of seeing them here.

And then they're playing ATP curated by Matt Groening the next day. Which I'm kind of jealous of. They've just released more 2 berth chalets for it. I'd get in there quick before they sell out if I were you.

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