Tuesday, February 02, 2010


So it looks like I'm going to have to be a big scary adult fairly soon. After ball breaking hard work it looks like I'll be qualified in less than two years. I had a bit of a cry the other day at work because I don't really want to leave the comfort of my department but such is life and the Other Side might not be so bad after all.

I'm also looking to another birthday. The requests for present ideas are already hitting my inbox. I want for nothing. Although maybe another tattoo. I get wistful when I see other people's tattoos. But then I wonder about where it could possibly go that means it'll be seen when I'm not at work but covered when I am. Indeed. Tricky. Maybe I'll just get a milk jug on my forehead and be done with it.

On the upside I read about a bar that serves gin in teapots. This makes me happy.

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