Tuesday, August 17, 2010

La Robe

Not too long ago I went shopping with a bad lady who forced me to try this on. She actually forced me in to it. At least, that's how I remember the story goes. Alas, it is this season's Whistles (I coveted the green version last season) and beautiful and makes me look 100x thinner than I actually am and it there follows that it is gazillions of pounds (£135 to be precise).

On a whim today I typed, 'Whistles Swallow Dress', in to Ebay. Damn you Ebay! Having only one listed in my size! BNWT to boot! Damn you Ebay for letting me bid on it! Damn you for letting me win! The silver cloud to this is that I picked it up for £50 (which is what you'd pay for a cotton dress in Topshop these days never mind 100% silk) and I'm selling shoes on Ebay at the moment so I reckon it'll have paid for itself by this time tomorrow. So I feel marginally less guilty. Marginally. Right. I'm off to throw myself on to some rocks and whip myself until I've not spent £50. (Or alternatively off to raid my wardrobe and find more shit to sell - Ta ra)


I have just received this:

Hi there,
I'm afraid i have some bad news about the Whistles Dress :(

I put the dress in my attic room a fortnight ago under dust
covered hanging rail, however having just to the attic to fetch the
dress and package it for you, i am dismayed to discover its been
destroyed by moths. Absolutely ruined :( The dust cover had
fallen off and as the dress is silk its just covered in holes.

I am so upset, and i am so very sorry to have to tell you this. I
guess i know i shall no longer leave things in my attic :(

I have also informed ebay, as not only is this dress ruined, a
couple of others that i had just sold tonight were also up there.
But this dress was the most expensive.

Apologies again

Translation: I really don't want to sell a dress that I paid £135 for £50. Fucking bitch (that's not part of the translation. That's me. Telling the truth. Bitch)


My Dad is actually a genius. "Why don't you just ask her to email you a photo of the damage then decide if you want it still? If she doesn't email then she's bluffing and report her"

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