Tuesday, August 03, 2010


I went for tea today with a pregnant lady and an engaged lady. It was utterly refreshing to totally not talk about work for a whole hour and a quarter. We mostly talked about babies and weddings. I am neither pregnant nor engaged but I still found it all very exciting. Conversation drifted from babies to being hormonal and crying at the drop of a hat at nothing. My take on this is if you want to have a cry just let it all out. You'll feel 10000 times better even if you're sat on your own crying at someone finding their dream kitchen on Grand Designs. Yes. It's irrational and pointless but sometimes you need a good old cry.

Other times you need a good old cry for very real reasons. And then, more than ever, you should go for it. I'm talking snot running down your face, wailing and bawling until you're all done and you can clean yourself up and have a lovely cup of tea. And know that your friends are there to listen to you and help you out. But know this, take the piss and only ever moan and never be grateful for the good things you do have and take snide sideswipes at your friends for not giving up their families and lives for your 24/7 moaning and you'll be alone. And no one will care. I saw it happen to a work colleague and it wasn't pretty.

In other news:

Gisele has been talking to Harper's Bazaar. She wants a worldwide law forcing every mother to breast feed her child. If it's possible to be apoplectic on a train then I was. I'm not going to insult your intelligence by going deeply in to why Gisele is a total fucking bint that clearly doesn't think before she opens her mouth but the following things occurred to me in the first 30 seconds after I read that statement (THIRTY SECONDS);

1: Not all women produce enough milk to satisfy their babies so sometimes you have to top them up with formula to stop them from being in a perpetual state of hunger;

2: Some babies don't latch on properly and there is not the resources (in the UK at least) for midwives to spend a protracted amount of time with new mothers to help them so the mothers give up and go on to formula - see above reasoning. [And I know this to be a fact as it happened to a friend of mine]; and

3: Some babies can't have breast milk because of an allergy.

I was indifferent to Gisele previously. Now I think she's a generalising fool who needs to realise every mother and child are different and what worked for her doesn't work for everyone. I wonder if the reporter followed that answer up with, "So tell me, multi million dollar contract commanding Gisele, how *do* you have the time, energy and cash with your hectic job, probable support from PAs, maids and drivers to raise a child and maintain that envious figure of yours and why can't normal minions manage what comes so easily to you?"

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