Thursday, September 22, 2011

Things I Read

It's probably quite hard to believe but I have friends. Oh yes. And some of them have mighty fine blogs that keep me amused. I highly recommend

MissDx - A yummy mummy in the process of becoming yummier with a 3rd. Obviously when I say yummy I mean it in a batshitcrazytotallyfunandlovely way. Not in a Cath Kidston way. Because then she would be my mother.

MoneyBen - He's a moody bastard. Not to be confused with MonsieurB who is a moody old bastard. A subtle but distinct difference I think you'll agree. He also likes films. And girls. And girls in films. You get the idea.

Director's Notes - I contribute now! But I used to read the site before that. Podcasts come highly recommended.

A Beautiful Mess - Not a friend but a lot of fun to read.

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