Saturday, September 10, 2011


New AP - obviously.

The sensible part of me wonders if I could *actually* wear it as when I wear frilly knickers I have to ensure I don't wear anything too tight as they show through and look like I've got wavy fat around my arse. (Hilarious in Topshop earlier with uber tight pencil skirt that will be purchased with new pay cheque for take me seriously work promotion. I say take me's bottle green with black polka dots).

The reckless part of me says fuck it and if people stare at my boobs then surely the work is done? Apart from I don't really like strangers staring at my boobs. Friends? Work away.

House of Holland Resort 2012

Who the frick knew that Henry Holland could actually design some nice clothes. I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say his tights and slogan t shirts were good but the rest is gash, gash, gash. And then out this comes. Day of the dead and bones. I want it all. It'll blatantly go in the ASOS sale. Sorry Henry but I am the TruthSpeaker.

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