Tuesday, June 03, 2008

L'alcool, c'est cool!

So, everyone is up in arms about the fact that you can't drink on the tube anymore. I think my sentiments on the whole subject can be summed up in three words - give a fuck. I seriously can not see what the whole hooha is all about. If you're smart about it you'll put your alcohol in some sort of innocuous container and carry on as usual. Perhaps people will be able to get on the tube at night and not have some sort of fucking prick think that it's a massive moving bar where they can carte blanche chat you up with the sure fire, "Y'alright darlin?", and then move on to the next victim when you stare straight through them like they don't exist. 

And so I begin the preparations for another Bright Town Bender. Hopefully this one won't end in screaming women in night clubs. In fact, I'm pretty sure it won't cos cowtack is praying for sun so we can sit on the beach all day with our Party Ring Topped Lagers. A cowtack birthday special if ever there was one. 

Here's a tip: Don't go out with the people you work with and as a throwaway comment say, "If I had to live forever in a music video it'd be Gwen Stefani's first one. I like the acidy, crazy Alice in Wonderland shit". They won't get it. They'll think you've gone bananas. Except the 15 year old work experience girl. She'll get it. Great. 

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