Sunday, October 02, 2011

From feeling like shit to a day of fun topped off with excitement...

So you may have noticed from the above photographs that I had a party. It was kind of a joint party as MonsieurB turned 30 the day after I officially became an Adult with an Occupation.

The photos mainly show my sister making a speech and me being embarrassed, various good friends and a really shit boy boy band that turned up half way though to give One Direction a run for their money.

I didn't plan the party. The Two Monicas in my life did all the hard work from planning the colours to making an epic cake (more photos are to follow). I basically turned up to a balloon/sequin/sparkle explosion which couldn't be more what I'm about. Love it.

The only sadface part was that it went too quick and now it's over. For a week I couldn't listen to the playlist that I made as it reminded me too much of how good a time I had and how I wasn't having that good a time right then on the train listening to my iPod.

And with the passing of that weekend was the passing of any weekends that MonsieurB has off until November. Work have been really cool and allowed me to take every Friday off until he has weekends free again. Whilst you can always moan about your employer I am a firm believer of what you put in is what you get out. And if you don't get out then leave.

And so Friday was a day of fun (save for a glasses frame wobble that culminated in me sat in the gayest restaurant in London [I mean actually gay not a derogatory use of the word to mean rubbish] drinking Passionfruit Daiquiris nearly crying about not being able to make a decision). I'm not sure how fun it was for him indoors but I had fun.

And then I came in and checked my work email. Turns out my email had had a melt down around midday and all the partners were going fucking bananas. About me. I've been shortlisted for Young Achiever of the Year in our industry awards. Well I say I have. I've not yet seen the official email so until then I'm not getting too excited. But then here I am blogging about it so I must be a little bit excited. I'm more excited for my family. They are finally seeing some return on the money pit that has been their daughter. And I'm excited because it's always nice to be recognised for working hard. What I am not excited about is buying a new dress. It is black tie and looking at last year's ceremony photos the Oscars ain't got nothing on these ladies. I am seriously talking sequin maxi dresses, up do's, sequin shoes to go with the maxi dresses and so many false eyelashes that people are finding it hard to keep their eyes open. My good friend Maddison has come up with a solution to this problem though - "Just be shit at your job". That is why I love her.

And as if there wasn't enough good fortune in my life MonsieurB has been shortlisted for a job at a really big TV company that you probably watch a lot. Basically he is very clever. And modest.

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