Sunday, October 30, 2011


Things that have amused me this weekend:

1: The above photo as I have painfully realised this is what I want to look like. I've decided lipstick is my new thing as my glasses cover any crazy eyeshadow I wear anyway. And I ordered new glasses yesterday which are alarmingly similar to them. The orange hair is a pipe dream. No one wants legal advice from an oompa loompa (change green skin for whiter than the icecaps skin. Or alabaster as I believe people say when they're being polite.

2: My sister and our conversation

Her: I wonder what people think when they see us together
Me: Why?
Her: Well you're quirkily dressed and skinny and I'm not
Me: Well you say that, I've felt really bloated the last few days
Her: Oh.....piss off

3: My aunt and her use of facebook. She felt the need to comment on my wall about how proud my granddad would be of me and that in Ireland all the top legal jobs are women now. I'm not sure how to break to her that I'm not the Attorney General of the UK. Any suggestions greatly received. 

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