Tuesday, October 25, 2011


I'm a little obsessed with Ryan Gosling. A lot like the Hello Giggles blog but maybe not quite as much for me to write a blog about it (this isn't going to be about his beautiful, beautiful face. No siree). 

Last night I watched Drive. All I've heard in the ether is how great it is so I made the decision to not seek out any further review until I had watched it for myself. This meant only reading El Vez's great review last night at one o'clock in the morning. 

I was gripped from around thirty seconds in - and for once that isn't an Irish exaggeration - I remained gripped until the very end. The film is about a Driver. Who drives. As a stuntman, as a racing car driver, as a getaway driver. He gives criminals five minutes to do whatever they have to do and then he drives them away from the scene of the crime. As a day job he's a mechanic but some sort of prodigy mechanic when it comes to cars. The overall feeling is that he and cars are one. He knows what to do to make them work to the best of their ability and he can restore a car to its former glory with a few extra bells and whistles to do things like make it go backwards really, really fast. Which is important in a high speed car chase I imagine. 

Taking on a heist as a favour something goes terribly wrong. The rest of the film is spent with him trying to avoid any further casualties but save his own arse as well. Thrown in for good measure is Carey Mulligan who plays his 'love interest' (as one would say if they were Cosmo Landesman. I fucking hate Cosmo Landesman. So much). I've never really rated her much before now but then I've not seen An Education so I can't really talk. She is well able to play the downtrodden single-ish mum opposite my boyfriend - I mean Ryan Gosling. I also like that they never go at it like rabbits and everything between them is implied by looks. It is so much more believable. 

Anyway. The point is, go and see it. It's amazing even if you don't fancy Ryan Gosling.  Put it this way, 8.3 on IMDB and Mark Kermode sitting in a car reviewing it means it can't be bad. 

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