Wednesday, July 22, 2009


At first sight, this was horrible. But now I can't decide if it is growing on me. On the whole I don't think it is. I initially described it as "the stuff of Mr T's nightmares" and I think that it's a sentiment that not only can we all get behind but that it truly deserves.

I only really got a quick look at the picture today at work because I wasn't even stealth interneting but so busy that I didn't have the time to investigate this fully. I have now had time to fully appraise said item and I think my favourite part is the fact it is described as an "oversized conversational piece". I don't know about you but not even my most expensive Tatty Devine Dinosaur necklace is conversational. He is mute. I cajole him and attempt polite banter but he remains silent, like Charlie Chaplin. I feel it is quite unfortunate that I'm missing out on such a phenomena. Do you think it's aware of its size problem or is it oblivious because it has never known any different? Is it sad at ASOS's size-ist description? Is it likely that if I purchased it at some point I'd have to have the Difficult Conversation which inevitably follows the question, "Why am I much bigger than all the other boys and girls my age?"


pieandbelle said...

i can't believe you don't like this - i saw it the other day and thought you'd love it!
i was going to email it to you but then must've got distracted by sequins!

isn't your motto the bigger the better? or was that not in reference to jewellery???

Miss Bladder said...

I think it's so large that it's verging on the ridiculous and whilst I generally subscribe to the ridiculous dress code I'm not sure even that is something I could really get behind.

You know me though. I love a big ring.