Friday, July 10, 2009

My Clients Have More Money Than Sense

New Receptionist - Hidden Behind Forest: Are you Miss B?

Me: Yes, why?

Crowd gathering

New Receptionist: These came for you

Me: You're wrong. Have you tried the other Miss B?

New Receptionist: Is there another Miss B?

Me: Well no this a joke? Is this some kind of fucking joke?

Totally red and embarrassed the accompanying card is opened. From my boss' son who I have done a shed load of work for of late. Gratis. A card full of lovely things awaits me. I know what you're thinking, what a massively gigantic tasteful bouquet of flowers. Yeah. I know. He's gay. He has excellent taste. Obviously.

So The Flowers were given a chair of their own for the day at the desk of someone who was ill. And then commenced the two hour, 2 change journey home. It's a whole other story but reactions were fairly polarised. People either smiled a lot at me like I was a lunatic or scowled at me for poking them in the eye with green shit. Obviously the best comment came from one bloke to another bloke who appeared to be builders, "Someone has had some apologising to do". Silly builders. If you have apologising to do you ply me with gin and make me laugh until I fall off my chair.

Once I had got over the initial shock The Flowers cheered me up immensely as I had had the morning from Hell. From Hell. You know in Lemony Snicket when Violet ties up her hair when she has some serious thinking to do? Well, so do I. And today my hair was tied up all day. All. Day. Mmm. Serious. No frivolous emails either. Lunch was a touch and go affair. Breakfast was a total non starter and let's forget about my initial plans to leave at 4 to be home early to see my Goddaughter. More importantly, I only had 4 cups of tea today. I have the shakes from withdrawal.

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