Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Je suis en retard

That's French for late. Not retard. Idiots.

I forgot to say how much I want a new tattoo. It is killing me. I would secretly love to be covered but it makes me sad face as I am poor and have to think about things like high brow nights out for work which may mean that seemingly innocuous tattoos become a talking point because there really is nothing else to discuss at these shindigs.

I have gone from the skull flower on the inside of my ankle to a pocket watch on my hip to maybe just going crazy and having both. However. I do not want this or this. Do you think she noticed she forgot to take off her necklace first? I remember when I had my last tattoo done and they asked to take a photo of it. Immediately I took all my clothes off. Then I pulled a suitably angst ridden face to convey the angst on my face. Then they took a photo of my feet.

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