Monday, August 10, 2009

Bright Town

Seeing MoBo and accompanying parents avec new tattoo
Indulging in battered sausage and chips on the beach cos it was my holidays and I was entitled to eat like a horse God damn it
Going to the beach
Tesco home shopping. 3kg pasta. Woops
Going a bit crazy in the 99p shop and having to remember that I am no longer a student
Meeting up with Herr Poncetastique, DJ KG Extrodinaire, A Blast From the Past and the newest Landlord in town. Then getting disgustingly drunk and being very badly behaved but not remembering any of it thus receiving grudging forgiveness in the morning
Then spending the next day on the sofa cos I was really far too hungover to move. Apart from to the microwave for hot popcorn. Mmmmmmm
Watching the rain come down and marveling at my psychic skillz on deciding today would be the day to be too hungover to go out
Two Hop Poles extravaganzas each as good as each other. Complete with impressive moustaches
Enjoying the sunshine/photos by the West Pier
In a Captain's hat. That was sold to us by the most excitable man ever. "I bet she puts it on now! Look at her! I bet she does!" Don't encourage me f00
Going on the real pier. Being victorious. But a bit scared of the gaps in the wood
Looking at the rides above the sea and saying, "Oh my fucking God", a lot
Walking home in the sunshine via a veritable jungle with flying ants and fishes
Inhaling Ben & Jerrys
Impromptu Moon showing "due to public demand". Duke of York's + Cake + Green & Blacks + Good Film = :-)
Too much inks of every variety. Probably
Jacket Potatoes
Sad Face - home time

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