Friday, August 14, 2009


So it's no secret that I love French and France and I lament often (*sigh* "I miss Paris") that I don't have the money/time to go back. Damn you EasyJet and EuroStar for being so freaking expensive. However, two good Frenchie related things have happened this week.

1: I found this girl on the internets who makes the most amazing jewellery ever. Seriously quirky lovely stuff made out of metal and not plastic. I know. Who would have thought I'd step away from the plastic. But she doesn't sell it in the UK. I know what you're thinking, "Bummer". Not a bummer when you can speak French my whimsical metal necklace loving amis. Oh no. She's gonna sell it to me direct if I want and at a reduced price cos I'll be going through her as opposed to the shop. Bonus. Now I'm just waiting to see what the damage will be. Eeek.

2: Speaking of eeek, how about oops? During my epic commute to Middle Earth, I mean Kingston, I read a lot. A. Lot. And in one of the free papers they extolled the virtues of Oops hostel. I was planning on fucking off to Paris and staying in the Phillipe Starck designed hotel like a ponce but now I've checked this out I'm thinking why mug myself when I can use the extra dosh to bounce around the Left Bank buying books I don't understand and antiques that are probably worth pittance? + It's actually smack bang in the middle of my two favourite places the Latin Quarter and Bastille. I did always love a good protest. Even if I walk in to the middle of one by accident. Which has happened.

This happened today:

Older, blonde brother pulling younger, blonder brother around by the neck in St Pancras at about 6pm.
Dad: Merlin. Merlin. Now Merlin, stop playing up, keep walking. It's rush hour.

Wouldn't you play up if you were called Merlin? One day that child will turn around and say, "Yeah, yeah, get knotted Dad. How would you like it if you were called Lancelot. Nah. Didn't think so. I'm doing a Zowie Bowie."

EDIT: Oh I nearly forgot probably the best thing about today. Whilst cruising the internet looking for some hoes who like hard liquor and a good time I stumbled across an 80s oversized (as in longer than normal - the ones all in TopShop. You gets me?) cardigan. That's yellow. With oversized (this time just massive. Like the Millennium Dome is) black polka dots. And oversized buttons. That are carved flowers. You're thinking, "Why this cardigan sounds sublime, perfect. Surely the 80s men broke the mould when they made this. It can't get much better than this". Am I right? Am I right? Well, you're wrong. It can get much better. SHOULDER PADS. Whip me up a bowl of big oul crazy, I AM Alexis Carrington.

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