Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Royal Mail

Whilst languishing in an exile imposed upon me by my employers Royal Mail have been going about their duties in a most excellent fashion:

New (Old) Glasses Frames? Check
New (Old) Polka Dot Cardie? Check
New French Necklace: Visage Triste

Ah well, I only paid for it yesterday. They can't be that good all the time I suppose. Boo.

In other buying news I found this on the internets the other day. It's a shame, shame that a designer from L'pool has to sell his wares in the Americas. I won't be buying this but I like the premise a lot.

I have also been a naughty girl of late and bought things that I really shouldn't have but if they're in the sale I think it's sorta a given eh? Boots for £75 or the exact same pair but in tan for £35? You can't walk away from that. They'll blatantly do me until the pair that I really, really want (all £275 of them) are in the January sales.

I also got my hands on the She & Him album. I like it a lot even if it has a country and western feel to which inevitably ends up with a woman waling about how blue she is cos she is so very, very alone.

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